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                       World Federation of United Nations Friends held Seminar entitled .,

                       ( Combating Terrorism : The Role of the United Nations )

Under the auspices of the Representation of Middle East & North Africa .

On Monday dated 10 Aug.  2015 , Conrad hotel at the Egyptian Capital - Cairo , Such seminar was

attended by His Excellency ( Minister ) / Qadry Abou Hussein ,  His Excellency / Hesham El-halaby ,

His Excellency / Mohamed Zakaria ,  His Excellency Dr. / Magdi Allam , His Excellency / Ayman

Mohamed .


                                                              Word of Seminar

World Federation of United Nations Friends
(Representation of Middle East & North Africa)

Ladies & Gentlemen , The Attendants

At the beginning, World Federation of United Nations Friends , (Representation of Middle East & North Africa), has the pleasure to present you Best regards & Esteem , and my thanks and gratitude for all attendants.

Today , We are going to talk about the role of The United Nations in combating terrorism , as well as defining the word "Terrorism" which the international community failed to reach a common
concept due to the difference existing in countries' points of views for terrorism and its motives
based on a number of various considerations political, religious and sectarian .

The world's people have become in a dire need to increase cooperation among themselves to stand against all terrorist movements; whatever their type and whosoever their perpetrators or who support them after they become creating a threat for international peace and security .

Proceeding from the international responsibility of World Federation of United Nations Friends and trying to pursue the process of taking the necessary steps for combating terrorism of all its shapes and forms internationally , particularly in The Arab region, we offer the high level precautions to support the capabilities of the Arab Countries to face the danger of terrorism with all means and ways.

Belief of the guided and meaningful role of World Federation of United Nations Friends to combat terrorism of all its various shapes , World Federation of United Nations Friends seeks to select the most significant elements and the most effective characters in the Arab Community who will present the ideas, proposals and the works assisting the international activity of World Federation of United Nations Friends that serving the goals and aims of The United Nations .

It is worthy to be mentioned , celebrate the great achievement done by the Egyptian Government and presented to The Whole World which is represented in The New Suez Canal.

On this occasion, we would like to congratulate the Egyptian People and the Egyptian Government on such achievement and finally , We would like to say thank you for all attendants .

With Our Best Regards
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