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The need of humanity to security & international peace

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Peace is the ultimate goal of every human being strive to success and happiness, and it is the hope of nations
that are pursuing progress, stability, and prosperity .

If a nation is seeking a prosperous civilizational progress; then security on both individual and social levels is a necessity.
Indeed, it's a tried and proven theory throughout history and everlasting passed civilizations .
No creativity can be achieved without stability, no scientific or social renaissance without security and peace,
 feeding minds,lifting vim, and releasing freedoms.

Security is the most important basis for building civilizations, and it is the official language of civilized  individuals ,
developed societies, and promising nations that realize the importance of secure climate to entail strong civilizational
factors and effective dynamic techniques that lead to development of a developed and civilized society,
 which enjoys stability, security, and prosperity .

The purpose of human security is protecting the essence of all human life in ways that develop human freedoms and
 human self-realization . Therefore  ;  it involves both protecting people from dangerous and widespread threats ,
 and enabling them to control their lives, and seeking comprehensive and integral solutions that focus on humans,
noting that these efforts are not substitute to the national security, but rather, a complementary one  .

The roots of human security concept can be traced back in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1945, 
which focused on the establishment of some rules that ensure protection of human rights, and thus,achieving human security .

The objective of this new concept is shifting focus from protecting the country to protecting its inhabitants, and
then emerges the concept of (human security), as it is considered as joint responsibility of the global system, namely,
to consider its globality ; as any danger or threat to human security anywhere all over the world should be taken
into account as a threat the Security of humanity as a whole .

World today is no doubt enduring several struggles and various wars between competitive powers,disputing individuals
 and aggressing nations, and that the state of human in this age calls us for highlighting the importance of peace and
its psychological and social tenor , the human need to it,renunciation of violence, terrorism and wars that we witness and
feel their danger to the international peace and security. To achieve security, peace should be achieved .
From this standpoint, the call of religions, canons, and laws to realize peace and security on all levels was launched.

Peace must bring welfare,justice, equality, freedom, dignity, sovereignty and security to society, or else it would be
a defense of untrue subjective and legitimate rights.Therefore, the society will turn into terrorist and violent factions,
 which is a matter rejected by all means of morals and religions, and thus, society has required the necessary
confrontation to all kinds of terrorism to achieve security and peacekeeping  .

Peace is a holistic moral system, which is God made a law for the welfare of humanity, and if this system collides with
subjectivism and personal interest, there would be a disorder that requires confrontation by all citizens in order for
the right to be regained .
So, God has not made peace for one individual or one institution, but for the welfare of a whole society,or rather a nation,
 with all its institutions.

It is the positive peace that promotes life and advances it. The peace stemming from consistency and harmony, consisting
 from order and freedom, and arising from releasing useful powers and energies, and disciplining whims and tendencies,
 not from suppression, stultification, and stagnation .
 The peace acknowledging one's right of existence, tendencies, and passions, and the society's interests and goals,
and humanity's needs and interests at the same time. The one acknowledging religion, morality, and values.. ,
all in harmony and consistency .

Thus, the consent between preserving life and improving it is achievable. This consent occurs in one's conscience
by virtue of his dogma, and in society's setting as well, according to conduct and attitudes. So, individuals can be in peace,
both on the internal level, with his conscience, and the external level, with others .

In the same context, the Divine Messages were sent for the pleasure of mankind, and to provide means of peace to
bring justice to humanity. By deploying justice; the social peace,which is based on the values and moral constituents
that establish peace for humanity, will be achieved .

The concept of social justice takes a horizontal form to include all individuals and societies, and it takes,in the same time,
 a vertical form representing the proper relationship between man and God . The effectiveness of these relationships
in their right positions preserves security and stability for both individuals and societies .

The pillars of peace unite to bring on a stable, and serene environment, and human cannot feel the blessing of peace unless
it involves the society around him.Peace is social in essence, so if it does not prevail among society, it would be in vain .

To achieve social peace,individual must reconcile with himself, and adopt the principle of self-changing. This change begins
within oneself, as it is eligible for reform and rehabilitation through abandoning misconduct and maintain good manners .

The goodness of oneself is a premise for the goodness of society, as the moral system that urges for learning and virtue
where all realize their role in life integrates, so, peace and security would prevail, and all would achieve their goals and
dreams of peaceful and secure life.
No doubt that moral system imposes the law of peace establishment and pacifism on humans. Pacifism is the peaceful
relationship with one another, and reconciliation means ending dispute and replacing it with coexistence.
The Divine Teachings aimed at affirming the importance of moral values as a basic in the establishment of a Utopian
society, and spreading peace is one of these high morals, which characterizes whoever embracing these Divine Teachings
 and seeking to implement them .

The establishment of peace is based on a number of grounds  :

1-Refrain from causing harm to humans; either physical,or incorporeal,

2-Protecting the peaceful society and confronting whoever threatens its security,

3-Establishment of virtue and moralities in the society,

4-Building an educational, religious, and service institutions,

5-Provide job opportunities for the unemployed, and confronting unemployment that is one of the causes of corruption
prevalence and aggression,

6-Respect others,

7-Defend the oppressed and deterring oppressor.

Peace cannot prevail in a society lacking public security and safety for all citizens, surrounded by this security emerges
a strong nation protecting individuals and society as a whole, and achieving peace and serenity .

This is the social peace that brings psychological security, the one that develops life through brainstorming and improve
intellects and energies. it is the opposite of struggle and war and fear that hinders people's interests, limits their
capabilities and energies,destroys their buildings, and cease their lives  .
No doubt that human values system is the basis upon which the Divine Religions that call for peace,welfare, and justice
among people, and urges every human to abandon selfishness and self center edness are based  .

All of these human values promote love of life and protecting it in every possible way so that people would live in peace
and fraternity, and cooperate together in virtue,righteousness and piety, not sin and transgression.

Religious values in all religions must be defined and made as a basis for comprehensive inhumane relationships, and a rule
for peaceful coexistence among citizens in all countries, considering the religious and cultural peculiarities of each of them.

We must all unite and agree upon one goal which is establishing a world enjoys peace and security, instead of transfer of
old disputes and struggles to the future, and we should, as well, confront those who use violence to prevail and settle
issues instead of coming to terms and mutual reconciliation, as the history of humanity shows that stability and peace
bring together security and prosperity, while struggles and wars bring pain and poverty .
Moreover it is remarkable that civilizations alliance is the international peace project in the 21 C, which needs a powerful
support from the international community. It begins with renunciation of violence and calling for a dialogue based on
cooperation and construction, and establishing mutual values pillars, leading to peace and stability .

Peace is a human need from all people and religions, and the Divine System set out that peace is the asset of all Divine
Religions, it emerges from the Divine love in all religions. But enforcement of subjective interests is a reason for disorder,
 leading to lack of peace and prevalence of violence,struggle and terrorism.
Peace lies in power,tolerance, and spreading knowledge and justice in order for security and serenity to prevail on all
levels .
Security is an instinctive human requirement derives its roots from the most important instinct of human beings; which is
(self-love). This instinct works with the rest consistently to make a balanced human progress towards the ultimate goals of

As security is a permanent human need which does not change upon consequences, and it is not an accidental
phenomenon .
Thus, we believe in the need to a comprehensive system insuring individual and social security along the journey of life.
From this perspective, the efforts to preserve human rights as a basis for providing human security,regardless of dogma,
are made.

The world today is, indeed, at a point of explosion, disorder and chaos are now basics of the world as a result of lacking
security and peace, which makes security a necessity for every human effort, individual or groups,for preserving
people's interests  .
Security is a human requirement praised by God and a blessing for all people in society, it is a necessity before being
 apolitical interest or international obligation.

Security is a whole meaning in human's life, and it is not guaranteed merely by securing one's life; one's religion, identity,
material resources are all in need of being secured. Peoples need protection of their political, social, and economic
security, as well as their external security. Without achieving this end, they cannot achieve progress or look forward
to future ,as fear will prevails and hinder their movements towards bringing peace .

The hypothesis of peace and security is derived from the results and goals that are being accomplished by the secured
 individual and society, and they are civilizational goals leading to advancement of individual and society on both scientific
 and moral levels  .
In addition, security is one of factors that prevents a nation from decrepitude and falling, as it raises the awareness for
 the importance of availability of all possible forces to maintain security and deter any attempt to destabilize it.
On the other hand,it is considered an active action, effective practice,and renewable activity, for shifting from strength
to weakness providing an opportunity of self-criticism, reform,and rearranging things, and the world is in a dire need for
 this environment .
International peace is threatened, and it will not be established without a faithful international call showing the spirit of
peace, fraternity and love everywhere. As if we were with different religions, we have the same human root , which
is sufficient for understanding each other.
This is the first step towards making peace. A peace which is based on love, fraternity, understanding and collaboration
 in different fields and domains Thus, the road to peace is hard and arduous and full of risks and obstacles, especially
in the present time, where materialist and aggressive human assumes the reins of power of the world, and at the same
 time, it is an easy road if a good will prevailed  .
A will to accept the other and respect him, whatever his ethnicity, color, or religion, and all of is a result of a true will to
for give the past's heritage of malice and hatred, and building future bridges based on love, coexistence and tolerance.
As well as there is a need to a strong will to confront elements desire to destroy humanity in their way for achieving
 their selfish ambitions and desires .

The above shows that humanity is in a dire need for establishment of peace, and that human security may not be achieved
without achieving an internal moral system, and with his family, and his community in order for social peace that leads
nations to prosperity and harmony, which matter raises the feeling of belonging to peace, security, and self-harmony,and
bring international peace for countries and societies, which, in turn,builds moral individuals with values and sophisticated
principles know the meaning of dialogue and manners of dispute, without intolerance and blood shedding, so they
 become peacemakers and human security keepers.

Nahid Alkharashy
Author & Consultant of
Human Development & Behavioral Sciences

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