Our Work

Objectives of the World Federation of United Nations Friends as follows:

  1.  Building a global network to enhance the state’s role in voluntary work, global goals for sustainable development and the principles and goals of the United Nations around the world in accordance with national and cultural constants of each country.                                                  
  2. Promote of global peace and security
  3. Support and disseminate the United Nations culture.
  4. To achieve and promote the global goals of sustainable development
  5. Cooperation with other voluntary organizations around the world  in projects related to the global goals of sustainable development.
  6.   Cooperation with other countries through the voluntary organizations  in projects related to the training , global goals of sustainable development.
  7.  WFUNF derives  strength from its members and supporters, through great local and global network , Together; they constitute a critical mass of support for the UN in the world
  8. A model United Nations conferences
  9. Promote the development of peaceful coexistence and cooperation between countries .
  10. Promote economic development, advance social progress and improve the standard of living.
  11.  Strengthen the cooperation between peoples and nations , The rapprochement between the peoples of the earth.
  12. Disseminate of information and Educational materials about the United Nations.
  13. Training of diplomatic protocol and encourage and activate the cultural and economic diplomacy.
  14. We engage our members in every country to support  a strong United Nations.
  15. Spreading a culture of peace.