Global Celebration of SDG in Middle East

(18 April 2019 in Cairo , Egypt )

On April 18, 2019 in Cairo, Egypt , World Federation of United Nations Friends organized its Middle East and North Africa ceremony ,the title of the celebration was the peace as a major objective of global sustainable development goals.

The World Federation of United Nations Friends (WFUNF) is a global non-profit organisation with the core belief that international cooperation is essential to preserve peace and promote security, prosperity and justice throughout the world. Guided by its vision of a United Nations that is a powerful force in meeting common global challenges and opportunities, WFUNF works to strengthen and improve the United Nations.

One of the main objectives of the WFUNF is the dissemination of information to support and stimulate a global network of Friends of the United Nations to support the principles and programmes of the United Nations to assist in the formation and agenda towards global peace. WFUNF believes that major issues like environmental protection, the war on drugs, gender equality, food security and curbing population growth cannot be resolved at local or regional level, but require a global approach. It hopes to achieve this through the engagement of people who share a global mindset and support international cooperation.

Without peace, stability, human rights, and effective governance based on the rule of law we cannot hope for sustainable development. We live in a world that is increasingly divided. Some regions enjoy sustained peace, security and prosperity, while others fall into seemingly endless cycles of conflict and violence. This is by no means inevitable and must be addressed.